Capt. Dave Wilson's Fishing Charters
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fishing Reports


I have a chance to send out an email because Irene blew into town this morning and her winds will be with us for two days. I added a few pictures of the Oswego Harbor this morning. The highest recorded gust at the Coast Guard Station was 42.9 knots. I know mostly everyone was affected by this storm on the East Coast and I hope you are all well.



 Salmon fishing is in full swing. Mostly we have been fishing in 100 to 120 foot of water from the harbor to the Nine Mile Plant. Most of the trips a have been great. We have had a few trips where the fish were a little more moody then I would like, but we have had no unsuccessful trips.




We have about three and a half weeks to go in the season. The Kings will continue to stage for the next several weeks. I do have some available dates open which include a weekend, due to a cancellation. If you’re looking to get out this season now is the time to book. Hope to see you out there.


Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson



The hits and the fish keep on coming. We have been fishing for Kings most of the time, but we have done some mixed bag trips also. In the last two weeks we have been anywhere from a few 100 yards off shore to 10 miles. It all depended on what we wanted to catch. I had a first last week. We were fishing in 24 foot of water for Browns and 15 foot down it was 48 degrees. I have never been so tight to shore in August and we smashed them.


Well everyone is interested in the Kings so here it is. We fished yesterday morning in 300 to 400 foot. The afternoon we found them in 400 to 500 and today it was 200 foot. We have been catching 2 and 3 year old fish on Atomik Flies and attactors. Also,we have caught a few on Stinger Spoons. Last night was a good spoon bite,  the middle postion went 6 times with a spoon.


We took our largest fish of the season today it weighed in at 27 lbs. The big $20,000 derby starts this Friday and runs to Labor Day. I do have a couple openings left if you are interested.


In  about 6 weeks the season will be over. It sure has gone by fast. I’m going to try to get a few more emails out before it is over. If you don’t see one for a while it is only because we’re spending a lot of time stopping them from getting into the river.


Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson





We have been fishing for Kings and also doing some late season Brown trout fishing. The browns have been right in front of the Five Pipes in 40 to 100 foot of water, depending where the thermocline was.  The Kings have been anywhere from 80 to 600 foot of water depending where the bait was. The wind has been from every direction possible in the last few weeks so things have been moving around. 





The Brown trout will be on the bite for only a few more weeks, if you are interested in a BT trip. The King fishing should only get better as our fish get ready to run the rivers in September. Also the 2011 Loc Derby is starting Aug. 20th this year. Largest fish in the derby is a $20,000 prize. There is also daily prizes and it pays 20 places. These are the dates I have open during that time.  AM is the morning trip, PM is the afternoon trip.


Aug 21 pm, Aug 22 am, Aug 23 pm, Aug 28 pm, Sept 1 pm, Sept 3 pm, Sept 4 pm, Sept 5 am.


Being in the derby adds a little bit more excitement to your trip. You never know. I will keep you posted on what is going on the best that I can. Hope to see you out there.



Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson





Hello from the King filled waters of Lake Ontario. If the pictures below don’t get your heart going, you better get to the doctor. The fishing is amazing!!! We started the season with the best Brown trout fishing we have had in years and now the silver fish are thick. 


Saturday afternoon we fished right out front in 200 to 300 foot of water. Within the first 15 minutes I knew it was going to be one of those afternoons. We had bait and fish all around a half mile radius. Rods were down 90 to 120. We fished all flies, with Echips, except for the middle position. That had a set of stinger spoons.  Our largest fish that night was 26 lbs, which is now the largest of the season at this point.


The next morning we started in 100 foot of water because I saw a very large pod of bait on the graph while doing 25 mph. We fished from 120 to 200. Same stuff in the water but the thermocline was down around 75 foot. During these two trips we also took two 14 lb. trout. The Brown trout and Steelhead above, both trophy fish.



I expect things to stay consistent. We have everything we need for these fish to stay until the run in late September. I have had two weekend dates in July open: Sunday July 17 in the morning and Saturday July 30 in the morning. If you’re interested let me know. Don’t miss the great fishing!



Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson



Things have changed a bit on the lake. We have the beginnings of a thermocline as a result of some strong winds last week. This brought us bait and most importantly the KINGS. Our last few trips we have been catching one or two. This past weekend it became a limit. We had at least 20 strikes on Sunday and most of them were salmon.  


This is what we were doing. We fished 135 to 200 foot of water. First thing in the morning we kept things up above the break and as the morning progressed we finished fishing down 135 foot. It was pretty much a fly bite with Spin Doctors and E-chips. 

It looks like quite the school of Kings showed too. Salmon are being caught from the Nine Mile Plant to Port Bay. That is about a 25 mile stretch. As long as the water holds and the bait stays the Kings should be here for the summer. We will also have the browns on the inside where the thermocline hits the bottom.


I also added some photo’s of some trout trips. Sorry if your pictures didn’t make it in this email. I haven’t gotten an email out recently. Things have been very busy. I’m going to try to get them out more regularly. If your thinking about a trip for Kings now is the time to book. Weekend trips are starting to fill. If you have a date that you are interested in please respond to this email or give me a call. Hope to see you on the lake soon.



Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson





The amazing Brown trout fishing continues. Due to all the rainy weather we have been fishing in the same area we started a month ago. Everything is taking place in 8 to 20 foot of water just to the east of the harbor. It is a short ride and a lot of action. Our morning trips are now starting at 5:30. Usually this time of year we start a little earlier but things are so good we can stay in bed a little longer.


On Wensday we fished the shallows for the trout and then went to the depths to see if anything was going on. We trolled to the west to get in to the river water that was about a mile from shore.  We found a break that went from 39 degree water to 55 degree water. We took two Steelhead, a lake trout and our first King of the year. If this break stays we should have good King fishing very soon. This break is a huge magnet for the Kings and Steelhead. We may have two amazing fisheries going on at once.


I still have some openings for the spring fishery. I also had a July weekend open. The dates that opened are July 23 and 24. If you’re interested in these dates let me know. They won’t be open for long.



The 2011 season has begun and is off to a good start. The boat was put in the water two weeks ago. After some cleaning, washing, waxing and one small repair to a shift cable, the trolling began.

The lake is perfect for the springs browns. The high water and stain we need is everywhere. We have been fishing in 6 to 12 foot of water with Smithwick stick baits. The usual colors: black/sliver, cream, fire tiger. We have been running two riggers anywhere from 2 to 7 feet down with spoons 50 to 75 back.

So this is what has happened. We have been averaging 15 to 20 hits an outing. That is some great fishing. The Browns are from the harbor to the plant all along the shore in pockets. Once we find a pocket we beat them up and move to the next one.  Above, we got our limit but due to the 10 hook rack, 2 are still in the bucket. On this trip we did not have one rigger hit, everything was off the boards. The Browns were right on the surface. As you can see we have some healthy fish this year. It is unusual to have several 6 to 8 pound browns in a catch in April. The great news is, once the bait comes in, they only get bigger.  

One other thing that is going on is the net-pen project. Back in the marina we have our five pens with 40,000 salmon and 20,000 steelhead. We will keep these fish for the next several weeks, feeding them five times a day, until the water temps hit around 60 degrees. Then we drag the pens into the lake and release the fish.


In the next week I’m going to do a mailer with the new brochure. If you don’t think I have your address and would like one, please respond to this email with your address and I will get you on the mailing list.