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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fishing Reports



Aug 18, 2009

Things are shaping up on the lake. We are now fishing anywhere from 100 to 275 foot of water. We are starting to catch some Kings with signs of staging. We have been catching a mixture of Browns and Kings but that has pretty much come to an end. The trips from this point on will consist of Kings, Kings and more Kings.  We will have a hard time with the Browns for the rest of the season. They usually don’t bite to well from mid August on, spawning is on their mind.


DSCN0218w.jpg  DSCN0183w.jpg


As you can see most of our trips have been very successful. We did have a trip last week where we had four strikes and only were able to land one fish. One was a quick hit, a bite off, the copper broke and one in the bag. This was our toughest trip this year.


DSCN0195w.jpg  DSCN0199w.jpg

I would expect in the next few days, if the winds are right, the Kings will be in the short water, pasted to the bottom, staging. This is the part of the season I enjoy the most. I can always have my rigs right in their face. They may not want to hit but they can’t swim down were we can’t reach them. Sometimes we can even force feed them. This part of their  life cycle seems to be coming a little later this year then years past. The nice thing is it happens over night. You never really know, they just appear.




Don’t forget the LOC Derby starts this Friday. A $20,000 prize for the first place fish. This will run through Labor Day at 2:00pm. I do have some opening during this time if anyone is interested. I also have some weekend dates still available. Here they are: Sunday Aug 30 pm trip, Sunday Sept 6, Sept 7 and Sept 12 pm trip. I just had cancellations for the 6th  and 7th.  It is going to be tough for me to get fishing reports out in the next couple of weeks so if you don’t hear from me remember no news is good news.


July  28, 2009

We have been continuing to troll the vast waters of Lake Ontario with a bit of a curve ball thrown in by mother nature. Starting last Friday morning we have had a South wind. This always makes things a little tougher. Friday fishing was good we did several nice kings and a nice brown, with leaving a few behind.  We fished in 180ft. about 80ft. down. Come Saturday the thermocline rose to about 40 ft. down with a bright day. This is the toughest conditions there is.  There was fish everywhere in the morning and they just didn’t want to play. In the first few hours we had two nice kings on. We lost one 20ft from the boat and the other bit off the fly. Very depressing. The next two we landed . We ended up with a small king and a lake trout. Our tough trip was not because of lack of targets. It was due to the high level of light penetration into the thermocline. A friend of mine has a light meter on his cannon ball. At 9:00 am we had 90% light down 50ft. The fish needed sunglasses to see us.





Our next trip was Sunday afternoon which upped the size of our largest fish caught this year. We were out in 450ft. off of West Nine Mile Point. We were running all flies when the dipsy took a mega strike. The king ran 420ft. before we had to chase him down. After about a 20 minute fight a 29.0 lbs. King was landed. It raised the bar 1.09lbs. The odd thing about this fish was its stomach was empty. If that fish fed that morning it would have been our first 30 of the year. The amazing thing is It’s still July and they are only going to get bigger over the next 6 weeks.



DSCN0160w.jpg   DSCN0162w.jpg


Monday we had a group of who were interested in doing some trout fishing. So we got the light rods back out and put a whooping on the Browns. We fished in 50ft. of water right in front of the Five Pipes, some of us call it Humps and Bumps. We ran all spoons. We took around 20 strikes and managed to boat our limit in trout. The largest being 12 lbs. and we had another around 10lbs. It was a really nice catch and a lot of fun. Speaking of fun I do have a couple of weekend dates still open if anyone is interested. The way the fishing has been I‘m sure that they won’t be open for long.  


Catch You Later,

Capt. Dave Wilson



July 21, 2009

Thank God the salmon have showed up because we sure have not seen summer show up yet. This season has been an extended spring. We have had a few warm days, but the lake surface temp is still in the high 60’s. We have been continuing to fish right in front of Oswego Harbor. The Kings have not moved in the last week. They have stayed right on a current line in 200 foot of water. They are still very, very deep.  The hits are coming anywhere from 120 to 160 down.



New Imagew.jpgPicture 005w.jpg


In the last trips we have managed to get a few BIG ones. Tom Lutz managed to land the biggest fish that has come into the marina so far this season. The King weighed in at 27.07 Lbs. We caught it on the dispy rod. It had us out 700 foot before we could turn to chase it down. So 700 feet , 20 minutes and a net handle later we got it. Probably one of the nicest July fish that has come into the boat.


New Image3w.jpg


That day three good ones were taken the 27.07, 25.12 and a 23.02 along with a few others. What a beautiful catch.


DSCN0139w.jpg DSCN0145w.jpg


The last trip we did was the day of the copper. We never took a rigger hit. The Kings were a little skittish to come into the downrigger weights. So we got them on the long lines. We had 9 copper hits and 2 dipsy hits.




The crew managed to land a nice catch of Kings. Two of the Kings were 23lbs. The fishing will continue to be “Fintastic” right through the third week of September. Along with the large salmon, the bait that the salmon are feeding on is huge. I will take a picture of it. Some of the mooneyes are seven inches long. The bait is large enough to produce some monster Kings. This could be another year of 40 pound kings. We will know in the end. Don’t miss it.


Catch You Later,

Capt. Dave Wilson

July 16, 2009


Things are starting to happen right in the front door of Oswego harbor. We have been fishing within one mile of the light house in either direction with great success. We did several trips this week and have a few more to go.  We are seeing a lot of Kings and a fair amount of bait. Here are the secrets.        




The biggest secret is that the fish are deep. We have been in 250 to 300 foot of water. The temp has been 125 foot down. We have a thermocline but it is deep. We are going to have South winds the next few days and that will bring it up. The numbers on the riggers have been anywhere from 125 to 160 down. The dipsy rods have been 350 to 380 on a #2 and the one that everyone loves is the copper rod. That has been 600ft. plus. That equals one sore arm when you get that one to the net.



                  New Imagea.jpg    DSCN0133w.jpg


What we have found lure wise has been spoons are not working well right now. I don’t think they are a big enough target. We have been catching all our fish on flies. There are three colors that have been working the best. Green, Green and Green. That’s all you need. Oh, of course with a green E-Chip. To give you an idea how good things are right now. We had two trips on Wednesday. In 12 hours of fishing we had 29 strikes and 17 Kings were landed. Things should continue to stay the same for the next two months. If you’re looking for a charter now is the time to get in the book. I will keep you posted.



Catch You Later,

Capt. Dave Wilson




June 26, 2009

I have not been able to get an email out in the last few weeks because of many reasons. Instead of listing them I thought I might let you know what is going on, on the Big O. Our weather is much warmer. I have even been wearing shorts out on the trips, that is when you know summer is here. Our water has been warming along with the weather. The surface is now 65 and the thermocline is starting to set up. We have had a lot of bait out front and it is drawing in the Kings. The bite was pretty good this past weekend.




We did two trips. The first trip was an afternoon trip. We landed 5 King Salmon and one Atlantic Salmon. We were fishing just to the west of the Harbor in 90 to 150 foot of water. The best troll we had was a North and South troll. We ran a pattern of spoons and flies. All the fish we landed came on the flies that night. It seem that they were a little more dedicated to them.




The next morning we let them have it again. This time the fish were bit deeper. We fished from 180 to 250. Our catch included two nice steelhead, one lake trout, and four Kings. This trip the fish came on a mixed bag of spoons and flies. Each trip we have taken out the picture is looking better and better. We have the food source and the Kings are never far from the dinner table. Our thermocline should be completely set up by the end of the week. This will give us the tight band of water we need to target them. It looks like it going to be another banner summer. If your thinking about a King Salmon trip now is the time to book.  I will continue to keep you posted.


May 26, 2009

I’m happy to continue to bring you the good news from the waters of Lake Ontario. Things have been great and they have even got better. The brown trout bite has continued to be the best I have ever seen. We have had many good  seasons of trout fishing but I don’t ever remember it being this good. We are still on the shore sometimes and have started to fish the buoy line at the plant. The warmer water at the plant is the biggest magnet in town for these trout. We finally have enough warm water where it will hold these fish. Our tactics have not changed much the only thing we do different is put dipsey divers in front of them too, and they are deadly. Sixty foot on a 3 setting will give you 25 foot down. That has been the hot number with an R&R glow spoon.





The other morning we had a hot Brown trout bite for the first hour ,5 for 10,and then they stopped dead. They got lock jaw. I think it had a lot to do with the traffic over them. So we made a corporate decision and went to look for some Kings and we found them. We went 3 for 5 in just a few hours, late in the morning. The one that Peter is holding below had us out 560 feet  and we chased him down. We will be in BT mode for another 3 weeks or so. That is great for spring Kings. Every season that we have been able to get them in May always means a FINTASTIC July , August and September. I’m really looking forward to it.





I have been booking several dates for this year’s salmon season. I also have a lot of days floating around so I you have a date in mind that you are looking for let me know and I will get you in the book.



Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson


 May 19, 2009

Hello from the some days warm and other days cold shores of Lake Ontario. So far this spring we have had the opportunity to fish in shorts at times  and fish in winter wear at others. In this past week we have fished in sun, rain, fog and been successful in all conditions. We even got a chance to run from a thunder storm on Saturday morning. The only thing that has been consistent is the wonderful trout fish we have been experiencing. It has been great. If you look below you can see at times we have had more on then fishermen so I get to tangle with one every once in a while. So far the most we have had on at once has been 5.



So this is what we have been doing. Still running sticks on the boards and spoons on the riggers. The trout have gained some weight in the last weeks. The DEC is saying about ¾ of a pound in the last 2 weeks. Some of the fish we have been catching have had as many as three tails sticking out of their mouths, plus they hit our spoon. They are just stuffing themselves. The fish are still close to shore because that is where the bait is at this time. We haven’t fished over 16 foot for trout so far this spring.




In the next few week the trout will move further offshore and we will be catching them a little deeper in the water column.  We still fish in the same areas. We will be doing a little more fishing around the plant and at the Can to the West. I still have Memorial Day morning open if anyone is interested.  


Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson




May 12, 2009

 Brown trout fishing continues to be incredible. Most of the  trips over the last week have all produced limit catches, with the opportunity to put some back for another day. There has even been some salmon being caught out front.  We are still up close and personal with the shoreline, 6 to 12 feet of water has been the best. Smithwicks off the boards and the new R&R spoons off the riggers. We even did very well on some of the old patterns R&R is bringing back. If you are interested in these spoons you can find them at ..




Unfortunately we lost a trip on Saturday and the opportunity to fish on Sunday because of the weather. We fished Monday and to our surprise we did not take a hit for the first hour we were out. The water was too stained. We had to wait for the sun to give us some help. It’s not too often I’m praying for sun when I’m trout fishing, but that is what we needed. At 6:30 we were 0 for 1 and waiting. We got to Four Mile point in 10 foot of water and 4 lines hooked up 20 seconds of each other. Chinese fire drill.



If you are looking for a Brown trout trip this is the Spring to do it.  I still have some great dates available. I have also had a cancellation on Labor Day weekend if anyone is interested let me know.


Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave Wilson




May 5, 2009

To say the least the 2009 brown trout season is going to be one to remember. Dean Pitt and friends came to Oswego recently to experience the trout fishing on the Eastern Shore. We decided to fish to the East of the Harbor because the light NE winds were keeping the stained water tight to the shore. We started at the Willow and worked our way to the East. Seven foot of water was the ticket. I had two lines in the water and was letting out a third when we took our first triple of the day. Usually I run an eight rod program, not this day. We ran four. Two on each board and we stayed very busy. We fished for Browns for the first 4 hours of the trip. The crew caught their limit and had the luxury of fishing catch and release.





For the last 2 hours of the trip we decided to take a chance at some Steelhead. We went offshore to 60 to 90 foot and in our full complement of tackle, 9 rods. We took 3 shots on the riggers, all steelhead. One was a throw back, under 21 inches. The other two came on an R&R Frog down 10 foot back 80. The first steelhead was 24.5 inches 6 lbs and the other was 29 inches 8 lbs. I have received the new R&R Spoons and we will be putting them to the test this week.





I have had a lot of questions about the size of our trout in the spring. Right now the average is about 3 lbs. as you can see we are catching some 5 to 6 lbs. Our largest so far this spring has been 10.04 lbs caught this past Sat. Someone forgot to bring the camera.  Anyways, as the month of May progresses these browns gorge themselves on bait and by June will have just about doubled their weight.  The nice thing about trout fishing is the amount of action and there has been no lack of that this season.  Hopefully the perfect conditions we have will stay with us throughout the season.  Look forward to seeing you on the water soon.

If you have any questions about this year fishery please call or email me anytime.


Catch You Later,

Capt. Dave Wilson


April 8, 2009
     So the marina called toady to make sure of the date the boat is going back in. The date has been confirmed, April 18th. Most of the lakes and ponds in the area are starting to open.  Ontario still has some of its icebergs on it, but with the warmer weather and winds those icebergs should be gone in the next week or two.  Ice fishing is no longer safe, but it is safe to start thinking about this years’ Trout and Salmon season. It has been a long cold winter and I’m happy to see it on its way out.  Last week some of the local charter captains attended the NYDEC State of the Lake meeting held at the Mexico BOCES. This always starts to get me itching to be back on the water.
     The info above is a very small portion of the data we get at these meetings. In the last six seasons we have had the top six catches the lake has seen since recording started in 1985.  The State of the Lake involves data from all the previous years and things look like they are heading in the right direction. In the next few weeks the captains in our marina will be getting the pens back together for our kings and steelhead. When we first get the kings they weigh 100 to the pound and in 3 years they are, well you see. Eating machines.
If you are looking for a charter or have any questions please call or email anytime. Hope to see you on the water sometime this year.
Catch You Later,
Capt. Dave Wilson
March 5,2009
        It looks like one more month and this long, long, long winter will be finally over. Well maybe not over, but the boat should be back in the water by the second week of April. I have not done much fishing this past 5 months. I had a chance to get out a few times in Florida while I was visiting some family. I spent most of my off season hunting White Tail and sitting in a Goose blind. If any of you didn’t already  know the Snow Goose season is going to be extended until April 15th this year. The NYDEC website has all the info on it.
Well once again Oswego County got hammered with snow this winter. Two years ago the same thing happened and we had the best Brown Trout fishing the county had ever seen. Followed by the largest salmon catch ever for the lake.  The Browns were throwing themselves at us.  Let’s hope for a repeat of that year.
2008 055w.jpg2008 060w.jpg
Our marina has gone through some changes over the winter. We have a new owner. Everything is going to stay the same when it comes to the boat location, slip #15. The prices of the charter are also going to stay the same as last year. Pretty sure I have got all the confirmations sent out and receipts for deposits on trips that were booked up to date. I have one more mailing to do tomorrow.  I’m  going to try to get a report out every other week this year. It gets very hard sometimes. I have to choose between a few hours of sleep or an email. Sometimes the email wins and sometimes my eyes do.
2008 018w.jpg
 I will be attending the State Of The Lake meeting with the DEC next Monday night and I will put out a report on the highlights next week. We will be talking about bait populations, catch rates for private fisherman and charters. New laws and old ones. We also talk about our net pen project which myself and a few other captains put a lot of work into. We need the little ones to get the big ones. Look forward to fishing with all of you again this coming up season. If you have any questions about this season you can always give me a call.
Tight Lines,
Capt. Dave Wilson